giving of our tithes & offerings

FAITH UMC is so grateful for you and all you are doing to keep

the ministries of this church alive and active in our community! 

There are several ways to give:

1. Open Plate Giving in Worship:

Each week, you may give of your tithes and offerings by placing

them in the offering plate during the offertory.

2. Online Giving:

If you are now giving regularly, whether it be weekly, semi-monthly or monthly, you can save the expense of writing between 12-52 checks yearly toward your tithe by giving online. And when travel, illness, or other circumstances prevent you from being present, you can remain consistent with your giving rather than trying to 'catch up' at a later time.

Directly below, there is a donation link where you can give a one-time gift

or schedule your regular giving so that you remain current in your giving plan.

3. Text Giving:

You can text SPRINGFAITH, followed by a space and the amount you want to give, to 73256

(example: SPRINGFAITH 50) and hit your send button. If you are new to text giving, 

you will be sent a link where you can set it up to coincide with either your bank account

or debit card. You will then be set-up to text your giving whenever you desire to do so.

If you have any questions, please contact the church finance office: 281-367-7776

Thank you!



God is doing great things for the brothers and sisters of Christ within the Faith community. 

Faith United Methodist Church is encouraging the church to come together and give this season to help make the MAC possible. With the creation of this extension of the church, we wish to allow further growth for our adult, youth, children and worship ministries–ultimately transforming others into disciples of Christ and pursuing the growth of the Faith family altogether. The Time is NOW!

As Faith UMC dives into the Capital Campaign to raise the funds to build the new Ministry Activity Center (MAC), some leaders within the church tell us why the MAC could benefit their ministry and the church community as a whole. Visit our YouTube channel, Faith UMC, and watch our latest videos to learn what God is doing amongst the Faith community.